Our Vision

An opportunity, not a burden. 


Harmoni first began when co-founders, Megan Majd and Megan Towle (yes, we know), filmed a documentary with several other women in Greece. They noticed that the refugees and migrants they were working with were completely dependent on aid. 

They had no opportunities to make an income, but they did have the desire to work. So the team founded Harmoni, an organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions to refugee unemployment starting with microwork.

Join us in our vision to connect refugees everywhere to the digital economy. 

 Megan Majd, with the first users of Harmoni App in Oinofyta Camp in Athens, Greece.

Megan Majd, with the first users of Harmoni App in Oinofyta Camp in Athens, Greece.


Team Bios

Megan Majd (Co-Founder and CEO) studied human rights and environmental policy at UC Berkeley. As a student she ran advocacy campaigns, was elected to student government, and worked to reform the university's sexual assault policies. Megan has since filmed two documentaries at refugee camps across Europe, received the John Gardner Public Service Fellowship, the Generation Jobless Employment Innovation Grant, and the Davis Projects for Peace. She founded the Refugee Relief Project and a marketing agency for social enterprises and nonprofits called Outlaww.


Megan Towle (Co-Founder)  graduated from the College of Saint Benedict with a degree is Global Business Leadership, a minor in communications, and a focus in Entrepreneurship. During her time at Saint Ben's, Megan was a member of Extending the Link - a student run documentary team with a mission to use documentary film as a vehicle for social change.  This introduced Megan to the stories of refugees and connected her to the refugee community both at home and abroad. Megan joined Refugee Relief Project as a videographer, and recently produced the film Refugee is Not My Name, set to be released Winter 2018. Through this process, she was involved in the foundation of Harmoni, and has continued to work as a cofounder for this new venture.